NetPerfector - Alarm Panel

Each lamp on the Alarm Panel represents a different performance measurement. The lamps blink when NetPerfector detects a performance problem. Click on the blinking lamp to see a trend graph.

If you monitor more than one AS/400, AS/400 selectors appear in the Alarm Panel. Click on the selector to see the lamps associated with the AS/400.









NetPerfector - Alarm Panel Lamps

The Alarm Panel has multiple lamps that instantly alerts systems managers of performance thresholds that are being exceeded.  Flashing alarm panel buttons and warning sounds indicate when thresholds are superseded. On the sample below,  you see that on that some of the lamps are in a reddish color, those are alarms for which thresholds were exceeded.  It will also issue a warning sound if you configure NetPerfector to issue sounds.  You can also disable the sound function. 

There are 18 lamps available on the Netperfector Alarm Panel. The Alarm Panel comes with multiple pre-defined lamps that are defined with a default threshold recommended for most AS/400 systems. The Alarm Panel provides full customization of the lamps and threshold so the product can be fully flexible and can be tailored to any AS/400 system or MIS Managerís need.