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NetPerfector delivers End to End response time performance data without requiring any components on the end users' pc.

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 Real Time Monitoring
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 End to End RSPT The Collection

NetPerfector does not use the IBM Performance tool on the AS/400.

Real Time Monitoring

Unlike competitive offerings, NetPerfector provides information in real-time so that MIS Managers in mission-critical environments have the option of receiving notification of performance problems immediately.

NetPerfector's intuitive alarm panel, which can easily be installed on more than one PC, instantly alerts systems managers of performance thresholds that are being exceeded. Flashing alarm panel buttons and warning sounds indicate when thresholds are superseded.

NetPerfector includes over 50 pre-defined monitoring scenarios which are selected to define the alarm panel display. PC network response times, AS/400 response times, CPU resource consumption, number of job transactions, and more can be tracked and displayed by graphs in time intervals by minute, hour, day, week, month or year.


History and Trends

NetPerfector's alarm panel, zoom-in capabilities and historical and trend analysis data provide MIS Managers with critical performance information quickly and easily.

The product's Resource Consumption graph enables systems managers to quickly find the top five (5) jobs that utilized the largest percentage of an AS/400 resource, aiding in the diagnosis of performance degradation.

The zoom-in capabilities of NetPerfector eliminate the need to predefine graphs for each time interval desired. Now users simply click on a graph to receive the attributed data value or to quickly transfer from one time interval display to another. NetPerfector provides the information you need to pro actively manage growth. Through NetPerfector, you can compare resource consumption trends in a consistent and meaningful manner. Compare daily, weekly or monthly trends.

Find out about required upgrades before users are affected and in time to budget for them. Balance system usage and maximize your hardware investments. Through NetPerfector, you can project system response times based on increasing work load and increasing numbers of users.

End to End Response Time

NetPerfector's end to end response time monitoring does not require any client's component installation. The NetPerfector components running on the AS/400 will automatically start monitoring end users' response time and network delay upon connection to the AS/400. NetPerfector is not emulator sensitive and can provide end to end and network delay for any client connecting to the AS/400 via TCP/IP. End to End is composed of 2 components, AS/400 response time and Network delay.


The Collection

The NetPerfector components running on the AS/400 are responsible for collecting performance data. Performance data is collected every minute and the values are stored in several data files in the library NETPFCTR. NetPerfector collects performance data on jobs, memory, disks, system in general and network which includes end to end. network delay and associated AS/400 response time. The collected values can be summarized in larger intervals using the summarization process.

When you run the alarm panel, those AS/400 components are also responsible for providing current performance information every minute for current graphs and will provide also provide results for historical graphs requests initiated bt the alarm panels.