NetPerfector - End to End Response Time

This unique performance monitoring tool is the first and only product on the market today that monitors both the AS/400 and PC network environments to provide MIS Managers with the information they need to quickly pinpoint system bottlenecks.

PC end-user response time is presented as two components: an AS/400 response time and a network response time.  The sum of both components is the end-userís response time.  This valuable information assists you in identifying performance problems in either your network or your AS/400s. This unique feature of NetPerfector does not require the installation of any client component, our performance collection service running on the AS/400 starts monitoring response time when a session is initiated by a user. 

The AS/400 Response Time represents the time the end users' transactions spent on the AS/400. The reported time is an average of all transactions during the minute interval.

The Network Delay represents the time end users' transactions spent on the network during transmission of data. This is an average of samples taken during the minute interval.

NetPerfector comes with several pre-defined graphs that you can use right after installing the product, all graphs can be customized, all performance values are available so you can decide what information you wish to see, what time period to include on the graph and how your performance data should be presented.

Combine Network Delay and AS/400 Response Time and get a stunning view of your end users End to End Response Time. Information is refresh every minute so you can quickly pinpoint the bottleneck and take corrective actions.

End to End transaction slicing is a new addition to NetPerfector's End to End reporting.

Get another perspective of your end users response time and isolate the end to end response time in time slices so you get a percentage of transactions' end to end response time for each pre-defined time slice.