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NetPerfector's End to End measurement capability is certainly the feature that make this product so unique. Although this feature is significant and very appealing, other features of the product makes it a robust, flexible and highly reliable system monitoring tool.  It's built in alert system and real time capabilities allows you to be pro active in making the right decisions to deliver performance to your users. Historical capabilities makes it a must for growth planning and trend analysis.

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NetPerfector makes AS/400 performance management easy. Although it is imperative to have good knowledge about the reported performance values, the product delivers those values in way that provide you the entire picture, allowing you to quickly react to performance issues, better manage peek times and plan the future on real facts rather than feel safe approach which at the end often cost more than needed without guaranteeing that the proper resources were addressed. 

The following highlights the product's features so you can evaluate how NetPerfector can help you. 


The Alarm Panel

The Alarm Panel runs on any flavor of windows and you can install an unlimited number of Alarm Panels in your organization. It monitors overall systems performance and alerts you to degradation. NetPerfector comes with a standard set of default parameters for immediate use.

The Alarm Panel receives the information from the AS/400 and displays it in a graphical format. For historical graphs, it sends a request to the AS/400 and waits for the result to become available.  When done, the Alarm Panel takes that information and presents it to the user in a graphical form.

 For Real Time graphs the Alarm Panel will be asking performance information to the AS/400 every minute. When the data is received it will refresh any Real Time graph that is being displayed and update the alarms.

All Alarm Panel lamps, alarms and graphs definition operations are done within the Alarm Panel, each Alarm Panel can have it's own definitions, if you monitor multiple AS/400s, each AS/400 can have different settings tailored to the specific operational needs of each environment and applications.

Configurable Lamps

There are 18 lamps available on the Netperfector Alarm Panel. The Alarm Panel comes with multiple pre-defined lamps that are defined with a default threshold recommended for most AS/400 systems. 

The Alarm Panel provides full customization of the lamps and threshold so the product can be fully flexible and can be tailored to any AS/400 system or MIS Managerís need.

The NetPerfector Graphs

NetPerfector provides 2 major types of graph which are meant to address what we see as two very different performance management needs.

For system monitoring and pro-active reactions to various performance related situations, current graphs show detailed, minute- by-minute information about the last hour. Current graphs automatically refresh every minute so you can quickly react to performance bottlenecks and efficiently take corrective actions. 

For performance review, management reporting, capacity planning and trend analysis, historical graphs show summaries of historical data.

Historical graph provide the following categories of performance values:

  • Disks

  • Jobs

  • Memory

  • System

  • Network

NetPerfector is highly interactive, it provides drill down capabilities and hot links so you can quickly focus on the problems.

To drill down on a specific interval, simply click on the graph, on the interval of interest and NetPerfector will automatically present you the interval selected. You can keep drilling down to the smallest available interval.

The new graph is displayed, zooming on the selected interval so you can obtain more precise information.


If you wish to find out about the jobs that were the most CPU intensive on any interval, simply perform a mouse right click on any of the interval and component and a Top 5 graph will automatically be displayed.


Graphs Definition

All NetPerfector graphs can be customized, you can also create new graphs for both current and historical data. The graph definition is very flexible and powerful so you can create the graphs you need so your performance reports become one click away.

NetPerfector comes with several pre-defined graphs, use them as a template for creating new graphs that may be more specific to your performance management needs.

In the graph Definition, you can define  :

  • Graph Titles :
     You can define the graph name, titles to appear on the graph, bottom, right and left legends.

  • Formulas : 
    Formulas are defined in the Formula Tab of the graph definition, formulas are the most important components of your graph. This is where you define if this graph is a Current or and Historical graph, you also decide which values or formulas (predefined available values) you wish to have on your graph. 

  • Range : 
    Range only applies to Historical Graphs, you specify the period included in the graph (e.g. Today, This week, Last Month, This Year, ...) The Range is specified on the Range Tab of your graph definition. 

  • Criteria : 
    Criteria only applies to Historical Graphs, you can select specific components such as users, jobs, memory pools, disk units, ... to appear in the graph. The Criteria Tab is used to define the components that should be included in the graph. 

  • Style : 
    The style defines what your graph will look like. NetPerfector offers basic styles and advanced styles, in advanced styles, possibilities are extensive, you can change the basic style, select 2D or 3D graphs, reset the legends, the perspective, assign colors different than the standard ones, and much more. 

Available Performance Values

The following table contains a list of the various performance values available in NetPerfector.








Network Delay Ave/Max
RSPT End to End Ave/Max
RSPT Emul Ave/Max
RSPT AS/400 Ave/Max

# Trans PC & /hour
# Trans AS/400 & /hour
# Trans NPW & /hour
# Trans Emul & /hour

CPU % Batch
CPU % Interactive
CPU % Other

# Jobs Batch
# Jobs Interactive
# Jobs System
# Jobs Spool
# Jobs suspended
# Jobs Disconnect
# Jobs Queued
# Jobs Held
# Jobs Held Queued
# Jobs Queued Unassigned

Faults User DB Tot/Max
Faults User NDB Tot/Max
Faults Machine DB
Faults Machine NDB

Transition AW Tot/Max
Transition WI Tot/Max
Transition AI Tot/Max

Disk System % Full Ave/Max
Disk User % Full Ave/Max
Disk % Busy Min/Ave/Max

Trans Count <= 1 sec
Trans Count <= 2 sec
Trans Count <= 3 sec
Trans Count <= 4 sec
Trans Count <= 5 sec
Trans Count > 5 sec


Configuration Options

NetPerfector allows extensive configuration options for your graph definitions. In addition to configuring your graphs, you can also manage groups of components to be use as criteria in your graphs definition. The group configuration can be maintained using the NetPerfector Configuration Utility.

The performance data is accumulated on the AS/400 in several data files stored in the NETPFCTR library, information is maintained minute by minute. For some type of performance data, for example job data, performance data is collected for every job that was active during the collection interval. In order to allow you to control how much performance data should be maintained and for how long, you can use the configuration utility to define what we call Summary Rules. Those definitions will be used by the NetPerfector Summarization process that can be scheduled to run on a regular basis so you maintain control on the amount of disk space NetPerfector uses on the AS/400.