NetPerfector - Graphical Interface

Unlike competitive offerings, NetPerfector provides information in real-time so that MIS Managers in mission-critical environments have the option of receiving notification of performance problems immediately. NetPerfector's intuitive alarm panel, which can easily be installed on more than one PC, instantly alerts systems managers of performance thresholds that are being exceeded. Flashing alarm panel buttons and warning sounds indicate when thresholds are superseded.

Each lamp on the Alarm Panel represents a different performance measurement. The lamps blink when NetPerfector detects a performance problem. The AS/400's selector blinks and a warning sounds when NetPerfector detects a performance problem at that system.

NetPerfector includes over 50 pre-defined monitoring scenarios which are selected to define the alarm panel display. PC network response times, AS/400 response times, CPU resource consumption, number of job transactions, and more can be tracked and displayed by graphs in time intervals by minute, hour, day, week, month or year

Performance threshold limits, graph interval time periods, and types of graphical displays are easily configured through a series of points and clicks.