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The Only Product to Monitor Response Times of both AS/400 and PC Networks Enabling MIS Managers to Pinpoint Areas of Performance Degradation

This unique performance monitoring tool is the first and only product on the market today that monitors both the AS/400 and PC network environments to provide MIS Managers with the information they need to quickly pinpoint system bottlenecks.

NetPerfector's real-time monitor, alarm panel and resource consumption displays are ideal for mission-critical companies who require instant system performance feedback. They enable MIS managers, network and systems administrators to quickly identify the jobs that slow down system performance, as well as isolate the user groups that may require performance improvement.

The Questions

  • Why do we have to wait ten seconds for a response from the system?”

  • “There are certainly no problems with network capacity!”

  • “According to our data, the AS/400 is delivering two-second response times.  So where’s the problem?”

If you have had a similar conversation with your colleagues and end-users, then NetPerfector is the solution for you!  NetPerfector is designed to identify and quantify end-user performance issues, giving you the information you need to resolve end-user performance problems.


The Answer

NetPerfector is a configurable tool that monitors and reports performance and resource statistics concerning your network and AS/400s.  NetPerfector is the only performance tool that also provides actual end-user response times for local or remote PCs attached to your AS/400s.

The NetPerfector Alarm Panel displays the performance data in a graphical form.

It's institutive Graphical Interface provides real time monitoring capabilities and powerful look back at historical data.  Current graphs show detailed, minute-by-minute information about the last hour, and are updated dynamically in real time. Historical graphs show summaries of information stored on the AS/400. You can use them to help you trouble-shoot performance problems by drilling-down to a particular time span or zooming-in. You can modify the graphs supplied with NetPerfector and create your own.

The NetPerfector Alarm Panel comes with a standard set of default parameters for immediate use.  As your needs change or other resource statistics become of interest to you, you can modify any of the lamps based on your requirements.  You can even establish different defaults for each of the AS/400s you are monitoring.

PC end-user response time is presented as two components: an AS/400 response time and a network response time.  The sum of both components is the end-user’s response time.  This valuable information assists you in identifying performance problems in either your network or your AS/400s.

NetPerfector includes an AS/400 component that collects the performance data. You can run an unlimited number of Alarm Panels, the product also provides an interface to paging systems so you can use you own notification mechanism to receive the NetPerfector alerts.

All NetPerfector graphs, alarm Panel lamps and thresholds are fully customizable, so you can tailor the product to fit your environment and operational needs.