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You can download Universal Password for a free evaluation of 15 days. Once the download is completed, you will be emailed a product license that will enable the use of the full product.

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Please make sure that you provide all the necessary information on the system you plan to use.

Universal Password Download

Once you select Universal Password Download, you will be required to provide information about your organization and provide contact information so we can better support your software evaluation. Upon acceptance of the license agreement, you will gain access to the download page, once the product is downloaded you can then proceed with the installation, easy to follow installation steps can be downloaded, feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding the installation of the product.

Universal Password Installation

The Universal Password Users Guide contains all the necessary information to install Universal Password in your environment, review the pre-requisites section contained in the guide before proceeding with the installation. Also ensure that you have the necessary authority to install the product and that you have a valid license code provided by Open Universal Software.

Quick Start

Once the product is installed, refer to the Universal Password Users Guide to learn how to quickly get started in configuring and using Universal Password.