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The Universal Password package includes both the Windows NT and AS/400 components to support bi-directional passwords synchronization. The product's license is based on the participating IBM AS/400, each requiring a license so it can receive and receive passwords changes. The license  is based on IBM tiers, refer to the table below for the price corresponding to your AS/400 model. 

 Product #  Tier  Price
  BP-05 P05 $975
  BP-10 P10 $1,995
  BP-20 P20 $1,995
  BP-30 P30 $2,995
  BP-40 P40 $2,995
  BP-50 P50 $3,995

Universal Password comes with a 60-day warranty, during which period you get unlimited telephone support and free upgrades. After the warranty period, the annual maintenance cost is at 20% of the software list price (before any applicable volume discount), which entitles you to unlimited telephone support and free upgrades. 

Please contact a  sales representative for information on leasing terms and volume discounts.