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A Secure, Single Sign-on Solution for a Distributed
AS/400 and Windows NT Computing Environme

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Like most companies, your users now have to sign on to their PC workstations, the network, Windows NT servers and AS/400s. Lists of user IDs and passwords can result in a proliferation of handwritten yellow "stickies" stuck up on cubicle walls. This reduces the value of user IDs and passwords, compromising security.

The problem is exacerbated when examined from the IT viewpoint. User IDs and passwords must be managed and synchronized across systems, placing a heavy demand on valuable resources - such as system administrators. Forgotten passwords must be reset for users by help desk personnel.

The solution lies in eliminating the need for users to remember or input multiple sets of user IDs and passwords.

Universal Password synchronizes password changes initiated by the AS/400 as well as those initiated by the distributed NT network and attached mainframes. In conjunction with Microsoft’s SNA Server, Universal Password allows single automatic sign on to all servers in the environment improving system security and integrity. Additionally, administrative tasks of managing and
synchronizing users across systems is significantly facilitated.


Secure password synchronization

Passwords are synchronized between servers using encrypted communication, thus ensuring system security. This eliminates the need for users to remember or input multiple sets of user IDs and passwords. "The synchronization eliminates the need for easy-to-remember passwords as well as the proliferation of yellow stickies on terminals".

Single sign-on

Universal Password together with SNA Server provides users with single sign-on access to multiple AS/400s, Windows NT and mainframe servers. Users sign on to the first system and additional sign ons are performed automatically. With simplified access to computing resources and reduced log-on processing time, system availability and user productivity is improved.

Integrated with SNA Server

SNA Server distributes password changes initiated on the AS/400 to other components throughout the environment. Universal Password and SNA Server are designed to work together assuring tight integration between components. "Our customers have told us they would like the convenience of a single sign-on environment while leaving their current AS/400 and Windows NT Server security models intact," says Paul Morse, SNA Server Product Manager at Microsoft. " We are pleased to see Open Universal provide a solution that uses Microsoft SNA Server to help meet our customers needs in this area."


Administrative Features

Universal Password minimizes the administrative burden and support costs of resetting forgotten passwords for users. As well, the need for manually changing passwords throughout the distributed environment when a password change occurs is eliminated. Administrative functions are easily performed through Windows NT, and AS/400 routines can shutdown and restart components permitting ease of integration into AS/400 production schedules such as IPL.