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A Data Distributor Companion product.

CPYDB allows AS/400's Data Distributor users to extend the capabilities of the standard CPYF command (Copy File) to  support all destination platforms supported by Data Distributor. This includes MS SQL Server, Oracle,  MS Access, MS Excel and importable flat files.

CPYDB supports AS/400 physical and logical files. A friendly way to replicate your AS/400 data to a different platform providing local and remote end-users fast and simple access to their information without consuming AS/400 resources.

At a data replication speed of 7 gigs per hour, CPYDB is significantly faster than any alternative product.

CPYDB also features direct TCP/IP connectivity, eliminating the need and associated costs of installing a gateway. CPYDBs ease-of-use is made possible by its close resemblance to the AS/400 Copy File (CPYF) command, already familiar to most AS/400 administrators.

Part of Data Distributor, CPYDB offers several integration options with Data Distributor. All active CPYDB replications can be monitored from the Data Distributor Replication Monitor, replications initiated from CPYDB can be saved as publications in Data Distributor so it can be reused. Replication history, alerts and subscribers defined in Data Distributor are also available for use in CPYDB.

CPYDB allows replications to be initiated from the host that often knows better when the data is ready to be replicated. You can easily incorporate CPYDB replications  in your AS/400 jobs and make data replication part of your standard procedures. 

CPYDB can both replicate AS/400 physical and logical files. CPYDBs ability to replicate logical files is particularly powerful. First, inherent AS/400 capabilities may be used for high-speed row and field data selection. Second, multiple AS/400 files may be logically joined together constructing a single SQL or Oracle Server table containing the information most suitable for the end-user, or for their Microsoft Excel, Access, Word or other applications.

CPYDB is fast, easy to use and anyone familiar with the CPYF command on the AS/400 will be able to use those features without a learning curve, complex export scenarios of exporting your AS/400 data to other platforms or PCs can be replaced with a single command.