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Please ensure that all required fields are filled in, upon submission of this form you will be presented the license agreement. If you accept the terms presented, a license code will be emailed to your attention or a sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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The contact information you provide will become our primary contact in your organization, it is important that this information be completed so we can better serve you during your evaluation period.

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Describing how you plan to use Data Distributor will help us in providing you better support in implementing your data replication strategy and will enable us to determine if the product can accommodate those needs. This information will also provide us background information so we can better serve you when you contact us.

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This information helps us present our solutions in a non-obtrusive manner.

What type of publisher will be used for the evaluation? (Required)

This is required for issuing a license, if you have multiple hosts you would like to use as a publisher, indicate the one you wish to enable for the evaluation period. Note that only one publisher can be used during the evaluation.

IBM AS/400    Oracle Server     MS SQL Server

For IBM AS/400 publishers, provide model and serial number (AS/400 only)

This information only applies to AS/400 publishers and will be used to automatically issue a license upon receipt of the information contained in this evaluation  request form.


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