Data Distributor


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The next generation of host data serving.

Data Distributor brings to the Enterprise using IBM AS/400, Microsoft SQL, Oracle or Open/36 servers an important and powerful technology for distributing data across the enterprise.

Data Distributor allows you to make duplicate copies of your data, move those copies to different locations, and automatically synchronize the data so that all copies have the same data values. Replication can be implemented between databases on the same server or different servers connected by LANs, WANs, or the Internet.

Perhaps we have been trying to solve the wrong problem? Data Distributor provides a new concept for serving host data.

A Data Distributor Companion product.

CPYDB allows AS/400's Data Distributor users to extend the capabilities of the standard CPYF command (Copy File) to  support all destination platforms supported by Data Distributor. This includes MS SQL Server, Oracle,  MS Access, MS Excel and importable flat files.

CPYDB supports AS/400 physical and logical files. A friendly way to replicate your AS/400 data to a different platform providing local and remote end-users fast and simple access to their information without consuming AS/400 resources.

CPYDB is part of Data Distributor and only applies for clients replicating from an IBM AS/400.