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The Report Organizer improves applications' usability and highly reduces system administration.

The Report Organizer eliminates redundant system administration's tasks and delivers the reports to your end users in a simple, efficient and flexible way. The Report Organizer can be used in several different ways, you can use it to print reports via the windows spooler, you can use it to archive and categorize reports, you can also use it to enhance your applications via it's integrated lookup feature. The following will highlight the several features of the Report Organizer and their associated benefits.

Report Organizer Spooling and Printing

  • Physical printers are defined in the windows environment

  • In 99% of the times. those printers are already configured and used

  • A single Open/36 printer ID can mean printing to several different printers

  • The printer ID/physical printer association is done in the Report Organizer

  • Spooling is done via the Windows Spooler

  • Supports all standard spooler controls on reports

  • Eliminates redundant definitions

  • Provides friendly administration environment

  • Powerful Print to Fit capability for perfect reports

  • Helps reducing the need for several printer IDs

  • Provides users with control on printers and reports

  • Allows several spooling operations on reports

  • Allows local and centralized printer definitions


Report Organizer Archiving

  • Outlook like User Interface

  • Drag and Drop support

  • Tight integration with Thin Client and Open/36

  • High speed archiving on any type of connection including dial up

  • \Allows easy integration with the applications

  • Provides various levels of security

  • User Friendly and intuitive

  • Requires no configuration on the clients

  • Requires no connectivity settings

  • Delivers reports with amazing speed

  • Does not have negative effect on interactive processing while archiving is being done

  • Provides status on active archiving tasks

  • Improves your applications' usability and look

  • Integrates your applications with the windows environment


Report Organizer and Thin Client GUI Lookups

  • Provides intuitive report lookups for your existing applications

  • Automatically returns the selected information to the input fields

  • Automatically opens and closes the lookup window

  • Allows search capability within the lookup

  • Only requires lookup control to be added to the S&D specifications

  • No program changes required

  • Increase applications' usability

  • Increases users' productivity

  • Eliminate needs of several codes reports on the end users' desks

  • Intuitive and user friendly

  • Requires no training

  • Brings a modern look and feel to your application