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The Open Universal's Thin Client greatly improves user responsiveness on PCs and dramatically reduce network utilization.  The Thin Client also allow you to give a modern look to your applications.

The Thin Client also provides you with the ability to convert your applications' screens to Graphical User Interface without changing any of your programs, new S&D specifications are now available so you can progressively enhanced your applications.

In addition to the base benefits such as greatly improved end users' response time and low network utilization, there are several features to the product that will provide you with additional benefits with minimal or no implementation efforts. The following tables provides a concise summary of the various Thin Client features and the associated benefits. 

Thin Client Block Mode Concept

  • End users key Strokes are processed locally on the PC

  • Communication with the host only when necessary

  • Optimized for slow connections

  • No network delay on data entry

  • Predictable response time

  • End users comfort and productivity

  • Low network utilization

  • Enables mobile computing


Thin Client in Graphical Mode

  • All Block Mode features

  • Supports most standard Windows GUI controls

  • Does not require program changes

  • Can coexist with character screens

  • Static Screen Formats are cached on the PC

  • All Block Mode benefits

  • Allow you to modernize your applications with little efforts

  • No program changes required

  • Increased response time due to cached static formats

  • Increased reduction of network utilization

  • Increased applications usability


Automatic Update

  • New version is automatically installed when available

  • Supports multiple hosts, running different versions

  • Only requires AutoUpdate to be installed, initial install is done from the host

  • Eliminates clients administration

  • Ensure clients are running compatible versions

  • Allows pre-distribution of cached GUI formats

  • Allows Thin Client initial settings to be distributed

  • Helps enforcing standards across the organization


Integrated File Transfer

  • Provides fast data transfer from and to Open/36 from the PC environment

  • Automatic EBCDIC/ASCII conversion

  • Provides integration to MS Excel

  • Does not require any configuration at the host nor clients

  • Optimized for slow network connections

  • Enables tight integration with end users and windows applications

  • Delivers the information to the users

  • Enables integration with MS office via data import

  • Enables direct integration with MS Excel

  • Supports bi-directional data transfer

  • Supports several export formats such as TXT, CSV and XML

  • Does not require ODBC or configuration on the clients


Integrated Archiving and Spooler

  • Allows Open/36 reports to be archived directly to the PC generating the report

  • Provide the capability of defining archive printers so reports are automatically archived and categorized

  • Enables reports to be spooled on the windows spooler and printed

  • Tightly integrated with Report Organizer, a Thin Client companion

  • Eliminates the need of configuring Unix printers

  • Reduces dramatically the administration of printers

  • Eliminates redundant printer configuration

  • Reduces dramatically the need for several printer IDs

  • Enables tight integration with end users

  • Delivers the reports to the users for more control

  • Enables local and/or centralized archiving